Scammed or not?

Do you think you may have been scammed by a company or individual? This site can help you share your story, warn others and most importantly, recover your losses. Have something nice to say about a company that was particularly helpful? You can do that here too!

Let's put a stop to online scams once and for all.

Recent stories

What a great school


Guildford Grove Primary School (

Really they have got the right idea this lot!

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The story that inspired this site


A Struggling parent with no support (

My name is Derrick and I am one of the 1 in 20 adults hiding from memories of childhood sexual abuse.

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Great service!

Daniel Graveling web design (

I knew what I wanted but I could not put it together.

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Typical dating scam

The Mary Dating Scam (

Well I knew from the outset I was being stitched up.

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Very good doctors!

Guildown Group Practice (

You don't know how good your doctor is until you get ill and need help!

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A good place to buy electrical goods

R A Robertson & Sons (

A small family business, what good service

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You know how it is sometimes, you work hard to earn as much as possible and then you meet a company/individual who scams you out of all of your hard earned money. You maybe speak to the company/individual asking them to maybe put things right or give you a refund and your request falls on deaf ears, or maybe you are told that "it's not company policy" to give refunds. Or even worse, perhaps they don't even answer your complaint! This website is a place to share your experiences, both good and bad!

How does it work?

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2. Find the company

Head over to the Companies page and find the company you want to review. The company doesn't exist on our website yet? You can add the company's details yourself!

3. Add your story

Create a story with details of your interaction with them and whether you had a positive or negative experience. You can also add images and video to your story.

4. Sit tight

Every story on this website is regulated by our moderators. If your story is approved, it will be published to the website and an email will automatically be sent to the company. If it's not approved, you'll get an email explaining how you can fix that.

5. Justice!

The company you write about will have a chance to reply to your story and hopefully put things right with you. Or, if you wrote a positive review, they will have a chance to thank you for your custom. You can also promote your story to premium for a better chance of getting a response.