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Great bunch of people with the right idea
Darrenof Guildford has published this review about Rev Kirsten  working for St Peters shared Church Guildford  and  St Peters shared Church Guildford  has been emailed a link to  in order to give them the right of reply


I'm an abuse victim at the hands of a paedophile when I was 15 years old in care. I spent so many years living in fear unable to trust anyone. I would see the slightest thing wrong or unexpected in just about anybody's body language and they found themselves on my distrust list. Just a smile or scowl out of place was enough. People who pick fun at kids and that sort of thing. People who are touchy feely with children. You know to much hugging makes me feel really uncomfortable. Each to their own but I'm like a Victorian with kids even in the family. I'll shake your hand but that's about as close as Ill get.

Unfortunately this attitude has left me with very few friends. I know lots of people and today there are quiet a few I could turn but to be quiet honest apart from family I could list my friends on one hand.

So it was about 2008 and I had just been falsely accused of abusing my 11 year old autistic son by a school teacher and social worker who would not even make a phone call for the lad. I could not handle things and by this time I'm a proper mental case reliving my own childhood in my dreams. I don't trust anybody save my own mother by now. My marriage failed, my children were suffering and I found myself in a mental hospital. To say I was at the bottom of a very steep hill really would be an understatement.

I'll bet it took me about 10 years to get over it. My abuser was jailed but I was so far down a hole of you might say of self pity really just looking for somebody to blame and I needed a lot of help to get out of it so I found myself getting all you might say God squad. I mean to say I don't really live the part but I've ever since I was a child had a leaning that way.

I turned to this church and to say they were great really is an understatement. They helped me with my children no end and there is one guy there, I mean to say it was supposed to be a bible study group really but in the real world it was one on one counselling for months. I can honestly say without this counselling and help I would have given up. So I just put my head down and got on with life attending church once a week to have a little listen to the next sermon and before I know where I am my children have grown up, I've paid off the mortgage and age 50 I'm in a position to retire. 12 years ago I was on the suicide watch and I could not have got out of this hole without the help of these people. From my perspective you might say Thank God for st. Peters Church. :) And today I'm hopefully in the right place to tell my story and help somebody else by doing it. see