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False Child Abuse Allegation
Darrenof Guildford has published this review about The school head  working for George Abbot School  and  George Abbot School  has been emailed a link to  in order to give them the right of reply


**This goes back a few years well before the current head but its what gave me the idea for this site**

The idea for this site came about years ago when I had a problem with my autistic son after he moved up to Secondary School. Well not so much a problem with my son but staff at George Abbot School in Guildford. For the purpose of this I'll call my son Daniel and he needed some help but the help he was getting from the school was in my opinion one sided and very negative. Treat a child like a victim and tell him he has a problem and you will give him a problem! It seemed to me it was more about helping the school get extra funding and not helping Daniel. I could see things going west when some idiot got the idea I was abusing him and then fed it to him to gauge his reaction. THEY WERE WRONG! I asked over and over again for staff at the school and this halfwit of a social worker they forced on the family to just make a simple phone call to Daniels scout leader and every time they just smiled and politely refused telling me somebody else would do it. My sons behaviour and poor me doom and gloom attitude getting more out of hand as time went on.

Lets not forget the school were being paid a lot of extra money to support this lad as he came with an education statement and in the sales pitch for the school the head talked about more staff in year 7 to work with parents and feeder schools Extra funding they used for whole class teaching assistance's. Think about that for a minute, was that to aid Daniel or the school? I could not even get anybody to make a simple phone call for the lad. The shrink I felt forced to take Daniel to see had it spot on when he calmly stated "They have got the wrong idea and run with it." You might ask what his mother was doing all this time, Well, she was running for the hills and his name was Rodger. I suffered a nervous breakdown, ended up in hospital and she then walked out with a text message. Like I didn't see that coming.

Daniel was being rewarded at school with free time, no homework, and attention, negative attention for having a problem. Oh, if you can't do your homework we just wont set you any. Not only that we will put this stupid florescent advert hanging off your school diary advertising the same. Your father told us it was a bad idea but we wont take a blind bit of notice what he says. It was like they wanted Daniel to have a problem. Think about this, do you smile at a child who you are telling off for doing something wrong unless you are deliberately sending him mixed messages? I could see things going west and there was nothing I could do about it especially when this halfwit of a social worker refused to contact Daniels scout leader too. "Has anybody contacted my sons scout leader yet" my 5th request of the lads special needs teacher who turned around and tried to walk away stating "that's not our job, speak to the social worker there has been an abuse allegation." It was like any reason we can find not to make a call for your son. I can tell you she could not have been more bloody minded and difficult if she tried! This a week after the social worker told me there was nothing to worry about and she was going to close her case. Now the social worker told me "CAMHS (the child mental healthcare people) who had not even met Daniel or me were of the opinion I may be abusing him and he should be in care. It was a nightmare, think about that for a minute, you have just been falsely accused of abusing your child by a school teacher and social worker who wont even make a phone call to your only qualified support by the way of the scout movement and the social worker has just told you people further up the tree who have not even met your son are of the opinion he should be in care. Enough to drive a wedge between any family! Nobody had even contacted the prior school or even the church the lad attended. There was no way I could see to force these people to provide their services with reasonable care and skill so I did the only thing as I saw things I could and turned to the scout movement. Quote from my sons scout master, "Tell them I want contact with anybody concerned with the well being of your son before somebody makes a big mistake." Well he had been waiting 2 months for a phone call.

I could have taken my son out of the school at this point but the way I saw things was that by doing so I would be admitting to some kind of child abuse. I was getting very ill by this time and ended up in tears in front of Daniels prior school head asking for help because I was a child once and know what child abuse is all about first hand, see How could I force these people to make this simple phone call to somebody who knew what he was doing when it came to my son? I got bad vibes from a number of staff, it was like a scam. Just so long as this lad has a problem we can claim extra money and the bigger the problem the more money we get. So as you might imagine it was in the schools interest for Daniel to have a problem. Then after they have really wound everybody up, have the family squabbling, Daniel really confused and his behaviour off the chart a teacher told me "We think this might not be the correct school for your son." Think about that for a minute was this to help the school or was it to help my son. It came with no suggestion of where might be better. To this day I think it was a scam by a member of staff who just could not be bothered with him.

What follows in the video below is how I forced the school to make this phone call for my son. THIS FROM WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ONE OF THE TOP SCHOOLS IN SURREY. Well with the greatest respect to them if it were an exam they would get a f-. Things might be different today but I doubt it. If this site had existed in 2007 I could have put up just half the episode say on their 3rd refusal to phone my sons scout leader. I could then have confronted them, videoed it on my mobile phone and posted it on a review on this website. This website would have sent them an email and they could have either answered it or dealt with things as they should have done in the first place. Then as the author of the review I could have removed the review from the site or removed my son from the school and left it there. I got an apology from George Abbot school eventually. They are very careful nothing in print, I might publish it. I even got an apology from the social workers if you can call it that. What George Abbot School did not realise was that I was recording this meeting, their apology and going for broke. If you listen for long enough you can hear it in the recording below.

Pretty similar to the attitude of staff at Surrey County Council after my mother in 1985 wrote 3 letters of complaint with reference to a Berrow Wood School, a boarding school they had placed me in. They just blanked her 3 complaints threatening legal action if she did not send me back. This after I found myself a 15 year old boy underneath the paedophile in the picture below and absconded from the school. Stuff the mental damage and all that, They don't tell you how much it hurts and how a victim can never see anybody in the same light again! Maybe read my book 'Life After Child Abuse' available on Amazon. Mr Hastings is in jail now, hopefully he will have a really hard time and come out in a box.