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Great School
Darrenof Guildford has published this review about The School Head  working for Guildford Grove School  and  Guildford Grove School  has been emailed a link to  in order to give them the right of reply


This goes back to 2008 and I can't say enough good things about Guildford Grove, really by my experience they are great. As a parent with a special needs child you get a vibe from people who simply have the right idea when it comes to children. People who put the welfare of the child before their reputation or an easy life. So it was 2008 and my son we'll call him Daniel had moved up to secondary school. It was a nightmare as this new school simply did not have a clue what they were doing and how to deal with my son. From the minute he started the school they insisted on seeing him as a victim rather than a young man who needed teaching how to read and write. My son is a touch autistic and was playing to this what his scout leader described as negative attention. I knew what was going on but was unable to articulate it. If you tell an impressionable child he can't do something and treat him as a victim you will make him a victim and that is exactly what happened to Daniel.

Within 3 months of starting at George Abbot School in Guildford we had unwanted social workers interfering in family life, a false child abuse allegation and this halfwit of a social worker telling me CAMHS who had not even met my son were of the opinion I may be abusing him and that he should be in care. To say this was the worst time in my life really is not an understatement as I am a child abuse victim, see This all the time staff at George Abbot School and this social worker refusing to do the one thing I ever asked of anybody in phoning Daniels Scout leader, Tony.

I tried to see the best of everything for nearly 3 months but there is not a lot you can do if your accused of abusing your child by a school teacher and social worker who wont even make a phone call for the child. I had the scout movement trying to have contact with George Abbot school but the school simply was not interested. I cant express the fear of God it might put into a parent as it did to me to be falsely accused of abusing my child. The friction in the family caused my marriage to fail. I had lost my trust in just about everybody in the schooling system and felt removing my son from George Abbot school at this point would be seen as an admission of child abuse.

Daniel needed a friend, I needed a friend and a lot of help. By this time the only person, next to my sons scout leader I trusted was the head of Guildford Grove. Honestly as people go this lady never so far as I'm concerned put a foot wrong. She seriously put the kids first and you could see it from a mile away. Now my son has left Guildford Grove and moved up to secondary school but I needed her help. I was very ill by this time well on the way to a nervous breakdown and I knew it. "They have not got a clue what they are doing, they have been pushing buttons and now found one that hurts, child abuse. Please play this recording to Daniel's prior teacher and help me.

I think her name was Mrs Collett and believe me I was by this time very ill. I had visions of the state taking my son into care and him then experiencing similar to things that I did when I was a child in care. Boy did everybody jump. We had my parents, Daniels grandparents, my doctor and just about everybody onsite dealing with me. 72 hours later and I'm sure it was as a result of Mrs Collett we has Mrs Mackie Daniels main school teacher in Guildford Grove, my sons scout leader and a number of staff from George Abbot School in a meeting to try and poor water over what was by this time a raging fire.

I truly believe without the input from this school and the scout movement the state would have taken my Daniel into care and who knows what might have happened to him then. Honestly if you want to find a school who try just that little, no large bit bit more and put the kids first I don't think you'll find better.