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Legal stuff

I'm a nobody living in Guildford genuinely trying to provide a service. I don't know much about websites and the internet but I think something is missing and that is service. Everywhere I go on the internet is littered with pop ups and adverts. This trying to sell something that I think most people don't want. As soon as you place a review on the site, the site uses cookies and all they store is the title of your review the time you wrote it and a copy of any review you may place on the site. The cookies should delete when you close the browser (I think your supposed to tell people when you use cookies nowdays and have them agree to the same) By placing a review on this site you agree to my use of cookies.

I may edit your review only to remove bad language and things like that or maybe if I think you are identifing any children.

I have no qualifications (not my fault I might add, see but thats a whole other story and is what gave me the idea for this site. I was 15 years old being sexually abused by a paedophile in borstal and despite my absconding and 3 written complaints made by my parents to Surrey County Council who placed me in the school nobody even interviewed me when I was a child. There was nothing my parents could do about things apart from breaking the law by refusing to send me back. Unfortunately I missed all my childhood examinations as a result. Then there is the grief I had yeas later at George Abbot school in Guildford just trying to get somebody in authority to make a phone call for my autistic 11 year old son after I was falsely accused of abusing him. I can tell you it was a nightmare that ended up with me in hospital! There was nothing I could do apart from plead with staff to make this phone call to somebody who actually knew what he was doing when it came to this lad. Both the school and this halfwit of a social worker forced on the family just point blank refused in favour of suggesting my son should be in care. I had no voice and could not force these people to provide their services with reasonable care and skill. I got an apology from Surrey County Council and George Abbot school eventually but I could have avoided so much pain and grief and probably a divorce too if a site like this was known to me in 2007. Just think about that for a minute if your partner was falsely accused of abusing one of your children, what would you do? run for the hills and the first person who would take you or stand by your partner and fight back?

If you place personal information on this site I will not unless legally required, or asked by a verified police officer to do so pass it onto anybody else. I don't use fancy talk and brainwashing techniques to try and have you part with your money either. I don't want your credit card details or paypal address. That said should you place information on this site you do so entirely at your own risk. If this site is of any use to you please think about donating a few quid here the nspcc who run childline in the UK

You agree that I may remove or edit your review if I think it malicious untrue or unduly spiteful.