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Like everything else its not that simple. If you want to log in to say delete one of your reviews,
Find the review either by clicking Reviews above and click on 'add to review' or by following the link sent in your comformation e-mail.

I don't use databases. break a database and loose everything or if somebody hacks a single database they have got everything. Once your review is passed my system writes a static page that does not rely on pulling information from a database. It then puts this page in a folder with various other files for maintaining the page Add something to the review and the system re writes the page and then deletes the origional keeping everything to this single folder. Its a bit memory hungry but surely that's safer than keeping everybodys information in a single file.

If I want to delete a review all I have to do is delete a single folder then I know anything you have ever put on the site is no longer there or stored in a hidden folder for somebody to find. Each review has its own two unique password set by the system as well as email addresses to go with them. One for the author and one for the respondent. If you use one password as many people do and it gets out you run the risk of loosing a great deal more than a single review placed on this site. If you have lost a password for a review placed on the site click add to review and follow the instructions.

If for any reason you find something offencive within a review report it via the report abuse link and if I agree I'll deal with it.

If you want to advertise on the main page (there are only 14 slots with adverts picked at random. Provided any said advert passes mediation , it will go up with all the others!) you firstly have to have a passed review on the site. Click add to review and follow the instructions. The only adverts you will find on this site are links to various reviews found on this site. Some reveiws, the ones I like I may just put up on the main page anyway.