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Poor policies and procedures
Darrenof Guildford has published this review about Luke Entwistle  working for Surrey County Council  and  Surrey County Council  has been emailed a link to  in order to give them the right of reply


**This goes back a few years but is what gave me the idea for this site**:

We all have our problems, from a child abuse victim reliving in their head their childhood every time they see something that triggers a memory to the social worker under the spotlight who is given 10 hours to do 15 hours work. The schoolteacher with 10 different classes and 40 children in each class. Just remembering names must be a nightmare let alone teaching each child to their own standard. Then there are procedures and policy's everybody must follow. Most people I think like to learn from their experiences and make tomorrow a better place based on what they learnt yesterday. And there was my problem. You see I was trying to make tomorrow a better place for my children based on what I learnt when I was a child. The most powerful lesson I learnt when I was a child was not to trust school staff and social workers but when you have children, like it or not you have to deal with school staff and social workers. Everybody with their own memories, own problems and their own childhood experiences leading them through. Like it or not if a schoolchild has a problem this teacher with maybe 200 or 400 different children and procedures and policies to follow will at the earliest option give it to a social worker. 2000 students in a school and one SENCO what would you expect her to do? She like everybody else is human no doubt with her own problems, childhood etc. And then she has those procedures and policies to follow, like rule number 1 Assume the worst and never miss anything as every child has the potential to be a victim of abuse. Rule number 2 never put yourself in a position where the school must apologise for missing something. You could argue and maybe correctly that the policies and procedures of today are better than those of the past where a child was to be seen and not heard.

I knew I had issues and I knew they were down to the fact I wanted nothing to do with schoolteachers and social workers, so I let my wife deal with anything school related. I could manage the school meetings and playing happy smiles twice a year but then my wife who really had our children way down on her list of priorities saw an easier life by way of her boss at work and I found myself dealing with school staff and social workers. I could not tell these people why I needed the help of my son’s scout leader one of the very few people I trusted anywhere near my children. I just kind of assumed if I asked them somebody would phone him. I mean you do not get much higher qualified when it comes to children than the scout movement do you? Then after 2 months of my pleading with my sons school and this halfwit of a social worker they forced on me a teacher falsely accused me of abusing my son. My wife was out the door and I was in hospital suffering a nervous breakdown.

I got it into my head that if I received an apology from the school for refusing to phone my sons scout leader to the social worker for the same it would be proof nothing was my fault, so I set out hell bent on getting this apology and met the procedures, number 2 never apologise for anything. So, I wrote a book and 'Life After Child Abuse' put it on Amazon and sent a copy to the social workers. I even put a copy on a CD and sent a copy to every secondary school in Surrey and met more of those procedures and policies and received about 90 % back.

Well I received my apology from George Abbot School and even the social workers eventually after I have put up my website, my abuser is in court and there was no other option.

So, I thought to myself, how can I help the next person and I got the idea for this site. There are many review sites out there but there all a bit after the event, for example, I was stitched up by a n other garage who bodged the repair to my car, do not use them sort of thing. To the review site about schools maybe written by the schools, for the schools that you must pay to read. Like that is not just somebody making a few quid for doing nothing. So, my site is a bit different, You've got an issue with a company, individual, council, school whatever. Post your grievance on this site, this site will then send them an email with a link you your grievance and maybe a picture or video you have uploaded. They can ignore it and if they do before you know it Google will pick it up next to their email address and company name. Or they can as most companies would want to, deal with things and have you remove your review. You might say to give the little guy a voice. A N Other garage would not want their work associated with a website called scammedornot would they? Well unless they were the garage who maybe put everything right afterwards. Well by the time there was no other option what could this guy from Surrey County Council do but make a half-hearted apology that does not make the council liable for anything and put my book on a shelf for social workers to read?

Barry Desmond Newton Hastings from Kent the paedophile who interfered with me in Berrow Wood School in 1985 was jailed for 7 years in 2019.

'We unreservedly apologise to you for' was never going to happen was it? Mind you without a court order this is about as close as I might have expected to get.